General FAQ’s

Is there an admission process?

Please see the specific program for admission requirements. Click here for more information.

How much is a course?

The price of the course depends on how many hours, delivery method etc. All the fees are listed on the website and include tax. Textbook and material fees are in addition to the course fee. Fee information can be found here to find out more information

What is a Blended course?

Blended learning is a course where instruction is given both in the classroom and through online sessions. Many courses are now offered in this manner. Click here to find out more information

Is there a counsellor I can speak to about the courses?

 We offer a free 30 minute session at all three locations throughout the academic year. To book an appointment, please call 905-845-9430 ext 2690 or 905-459-7533 ext 2690

How can I transfer credits?

 Find out more in the Advance Standing section of our website.

Technology Program FAQ’s

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Some of our programs do require you to bring your own device but not all. Please refer to the program page and/or the course description to see if you are required to bring your computer.

Do I need to download the software before attending or will it be provided?

As a general rule, it will be provided. If there is a need you will be made aware before the class start and should also be noted in the course description.

Where can I find the discounted software for Sheridan students?

Through ‘Access Sheridan’ go to ‘Mobile Computing’, below this heading is a link where you can find (Discounted Software for Sheridan Students).

Will I have access to the labs for practice on my own time?

For some courses, you will have after-hours access to computer labs or CAD/CAM labs. The instructor will provide details at your first class.

Will I receive a certificate from the association?

Sheridan does not issue association certifications. However, in some cases you will get discount vouchers to put towards an exam fee if applicable.

Do I get a certificate after completing one course?

Sheridan does not issue certificates for completing one course. However, in some cases, students will receive a certificate of completion for a single course from a specific vendor (i.e. Autodesk). Please refer to your course outline.