Technology Programs

Sheridan’s Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies offers a wide range of technology programs. Here are some of our program areas of interest, along with recommended programs, to help you get on the path to a successful technology career.

Databases & Data Analysis

Learn about traditional data storage, modeling and implementation. Explore the in-demand field of data investigation, analysis and interpretation.


Networking is key to running many applications and services. Learn how to build computer networks that enable data exchange and communication between computers.

Operating Systems and Platform Administration

Learn about operating systems and explore how a computer’s tasks, applications and peripherals work. Get server administration and troubleshooting skills to build your platform administration career.

Operations and Management

Identify and organization’s needs and recommend solutions such as human resources, communication, time integration, cost, quality and risk procurement.

Recommended Programs

Project Management Business Analysis

Software Development

Get a strong foundation in programming and software development best practices and build your software development career.

Software Training

Keep your skills current by learning new software and applications.

Specialized Fields

Get the specialized skills you need to succeed in growing industries.

Recommended Programs

Telemedicine Facilitation

Web Development

Use the latest technologies to build websites.